Jessup Makeup Sponge Blender Set 5pcs Cosmetic Puff Non Latex Soft Flawless for Liquid Cream Powder SP010



  • Pack of 5 makeup sponges is perfectly sized and shaped, each makeup sponge blender has their own unique functions, great to cover all areas around your face, from general face foundation makeup to precise nose wings as well as eye makeup. A range of 5 vibrant colours brings vivacity to your makeup equipment.
  • Advanced Technology & Raw Material: Our revolutionary foaming technology combined with advanced USA raw material created such incredible premium quality, non-latex, well-bouncy, and ultra-soft beauty sponges, which are ideal for the face, eye, and cheek. They are 100% safe and friendly to sensitive skin.
  • Special Surface Treating: One kind of sponge puff is paired with a velvety material, which uses damp for a satin finish, and dry for a matte finish. Ideal for Powder makeup. The other kind is a normal latex-free foam material, whose aperture is smaller than 0.1mm, Tight and uniform stomatal structure makes makeup more natural.
  • Dry & Wet use: Jessup magic makeup sponges set can be outstandingly applied to either dry or wet makeup applications. Dry use could be applied with powder blush, powder bronzer, setting powder, etc. Wet use could be applied with liquid foundation, concealer cream, etc. Magic sponges expand by 1.5 times when exposed to water, drain then dab it evenly to form gorgeous makeup.
  • Reusable and Durable: These soft-finished blenders sponge can be easily washed and maintained for the next use. In order to maximize the length of usage, we recommend you carefully clean it after each use.


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