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Reborn Collagen Massage Cream 1000ml

A multi-purpose Collagen Massage Cream with phyto-collagen and Jojoba oils is the perfect alternative to oils and lotions.
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Volt Matte Hair Cement Wax

Volt Matte Hair Cement Wax Powerful Silky Texture and Finish.
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Reborn Modelling Mask 2000 ml Tub

Refreshing , Purifying, Soothing FOR ALL SKIN TYPES
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Epoch® Glacial Marine Mud®

A skin-purifying estuary treasure. Draw out impurities, remove dead skin cells, and nurture skin with more than 30 skin beneficial minerals, including zinc and sea botanicals. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest tried to use this special mud to make pots. They were unsuccessful because of its fine particle size, but noticed their hands were softer and smoother. Today, Glacial Marine Mud® is homogenized to produce a highly absorbent mud with impeccable consistency. Experience the renewing benefits of this mud mask by pampering your face and body with regular treatments.
$60.00 incl tax

Epoch® Yin and Yang Mask

BEAUTIFULLY BALANCED FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Whether it’s deep within yourself, in the wellbeing of your skin, or the world around you, balance is beautiful, and it’s something we all pursue. The soothing ritual of the Epoch® Yin and Yang Mask can help you find it. Take a moment for yourself, let your mind wander and relax while this special mask detoxifies and nourishes your facial skin for that lit-from-within glow – leaving you perfectly balanced, both inside and out. The Porcelain flower extract (Hoya Lacunosa) in its formula is sourced through controlled environment agriculture (CEA), a technology-based approach to agriculture which results in ingredients grown within an enclosed environment, ensuring traceability and sustainability from seed to solution. All Nu Skin products which feature at least one CEA ingredient are marked with the Groviv logo – and Epoch® Yin and Yang Mask is the first.
$52.00 incl tax

ageLOC® Boost

Say goodbye to dull, tired-looking skin and hello to skin that glows. Introducing ageLOC® Boost, a breakthrough beauty device system that brings out skin’ s brilliant best. We’ re talking visibly brighter, plumper, bouncier skin with youthful radiance and a more even-toned complexion. Effortless to use (just two minutes a day), ageLOC® Boost gives you a beauty boost with every use.
$400.00 incl tax

Dr Organic - Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream 200 ml

Dr Organic Organic Royal Jelly Cellulite Cream 200ml Bioactive Organic Royal Jelly is a rich source of nutrients and amino acids, renowned for its epi genetic cell regenerating properties. Our revolutionary cellulite treatment cream utilises the unique properties found in this incredibly active ingredient and is formulated using researched and tested anti-cellulite extracts. In combination with a proprietary blend of select bioactive, natural and organic ingredients the resulting cream is designed to be massaged regularly into the affected area improving circulation, penetrating through subcutaneous fat cells trapped in the collagen and elastin fibres. Regular use helps to visibly improve the skins appearance and condition.
$22.95 incl tax

Lumi Spa Kit Normal/Combo - with 2 Treatment Heads

Your two minutes indulgence. Little indulgences are some of life’s most rewarding luxuries. With ageLOC® LumiSpa®, skin care transforms into one of your everyday indulgences. This first-of-its-kind, dual action skin refining system delivers visible skin renewal and deep cleansing, all in a single treatment. Use morning and night to experience an energising facial massage with results that intensify over time. Get ready to lock in your youthful skin.
$380.00 incl tax

ageLOC® Spa Beauty Pack

ageLOC® Galvanic® Spa is our most powerful, comprehensive at-home beauty device, designed to help deliver charged treatment products that visibly improve skin. This small-but mighty galvanic system combines smart technology and clinically proven treatments to promote youthful vibrancy. So smart and compact, it fits into your routine as easily as it fits in your hand. Using patented self-adjusting galvanic technology, ageLOC® Galvanic® Spa activates youth-renewing ageLOC® ingredients to visibly rejuvenate key areas of your face, hair, and body - exactly when you need it. Get ready to visibly smooth, firm, and rejuvenate from head to toe with ageLOC® Galvanic® Spa. Unlock the secret of a younger looking you each time you experience a rejuvenating in-home facial using Galvanic® Spa Facial Gels with ageLOC®. Tru Face® Line Corrector targets signs of ageing with pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel works exclusively with the ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® and ageLOC® Galvanic Body Spa® instrument to bring ageLOC® anti-ageing benefits to the body. Package Contents 1 x ageLOC® Galvanic® Spa Sysytem 1 x ageLOC® Galvanic® Gels 1 x ageLOC® Tru Face® Line Corrector 1 x ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel
$643.00 incl tax

Volt Matte Hair Cement Wax

Volt Matte Hair Cement Wax Powerful Silky Texture and Finish.
$18.99 incl tax $14.95 incl tax

Volt Hair Wax - Wild Pink

$18.99 incl tax $14.95 incl tax

Volt Hair Wax - Ice Blue

$18.99 incl tax $14.95 incl tax

Reborn Collagen Modelling Mask 850g Tub

Brightening, Tightens, Smooths, Firms ALL SKIN TYPES
$50.00 incl tax $52.00 incl tax