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Karom Himalayan Salt USB Lamp Teadrop

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are revered for their ability to produce negative ions. Studies show that by attracting humidity and becoming moist, the salt lamp then produces negative ions that bind with the excessive harmful positive ions to purify the air.The Karom Himalayan USB Salt Lamp is 100% Pure Himalayan Salt beautifully sculptured in the shape of a teardrop. Plug it into your computer with it's USB to produce negative ions to combat the toxic effects of positive ions produced by computers and other electrical devices. Each lamp is individually shaped and unique in appearance, millions of years old, they create fantastic ambience. Shape and weight may vary. Picture shown is an indication only.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can:

  • provide a relaxing and soothing environment
  • create beneficial negative ions to combat the excess positive ions
  • reduce allergens and irritants and purify the air
  • improve sinus conditions
  • improve sleep patterns
  • create a positive mood

Includes: 100% Pure Himalayan Salt, replaceable 15 watt Edison screw bulb and marble base.

Note: The marble lamp base is designed to collect any dripping or melting the salt may produce and protect the table or other surface from water damage. When cleaning the base try to avoid getting any fluid directly on the salt portion of your lamp. A damp cloth can be used to remove dust or particles from the salt lamp. Follow up with a dry cloth and run your lamp for a couple of hours after cleaning to prevent it from dripping.