Heel Balm and Foot Plus

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Foot,Elbow,Knee,Calf and Leg Cream. UREA5% + Glycerin + Rosemary Oil.

Exfoliates, Removes Dead Skin, Foot Odour. Relieves Stress and Tiredness. Cools.

Non Sticky, Non Greasy, Refreshers


Scandal Heel Balm & Foot Plus is especially formulated for the most difficult or severe cases of Dry, Rough, Cracked and Hard Thickened skin on Heels,Knees,Feet, or any part of the body where Dryness and Flakiness occurs.

It is Fast Acting, concentrated, high potency formula providing visible effects within 5 days.

Scandal Heel Balm & Foot Plus Exfoliates the Dead Skin Layer without the need for a 'Pumice Stone'

Helping to Eliminate Calluses whilst shielding your skin with a 'Non Greasy' protective barrier.

Regular use is Ideal to revive and soothe  your skin. Resulting in Softer, Smoother, Healthier and Younger Looking Skin.

Suitable for All Adult Skin Types. It is Ideal for use with Pedicures and on Cuticles.

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