Bluesky Gel Polish- HAWAIIAN CREAM TAN 7405

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7405 Pastel crem/tn

Bluesky Gel is the amazing hybrid nail polish that goes on easily like a nail polish yet lasts like a gel, stunning nail that won't chip, crack or fade for up to 21 days when applied correctly.

Our range of over 300 amazing colours from vibrant Neons, French to Pastels and gorgeous Colour Change for every occasion. Bluesky Gel, requires the use of a UV or Led Lamp and is used with a Base Coat and Top Coat, it will not work without them.

Shellac products, including Bluesky Gel, requires the use of a UV or Led Lamp and is used with a Base Coat and Top Coat, it will not work without them.

Bluesky™ Manufacture the product Bluesky Gel Polish for the Australia Market. Bluesky Gel Polish is not affiliated and not to be confused, with Creative Nail Design CND shellac products. Bluesky is a Gel polish and CND's product is Shellac.

Bluesky Gel products are manufactured under strict conditions and meets European and British safety standards. Bluesky™ is currently a world leader in soak-off gel polish.


How to Apply Shellac Polish or Gel Polish

A gel polish/shellac manicure usually lasts between 10 – 14 days (depending on how your client is using her hands) It does take practise and a steady hand to perfect! Be patient, you will get there!

1. Preparation is KEY to a long lasting manicure! File the nails to the desired shape, making sure there are no rough edges. Buff the edges until smooth.
2. Have the client was her hands and dry properly.

3. Gently push the cuticles back to expose nail, be careful not to push too hard and damage the cuticles.

4. Wipe the nails and cuticles clean with an alcohol/medi swab and allow to dry.

5. Apply a THIN layer of base coat, ensuring you leave 1-2mm from the cuticle. Gel on the cuticle will cause lifting, resulting in a flaky, peeling manicure. Make sure you seal the tip of the nail slightly over the edge.

6. Place hand in UV lamp for 2 minutes. The nails will be sticky after this stage, do not touch.

7. Now for the COLOUR! Apply your first layer of colour, make sure you only paint over base coat. Cure for 2 minutes.

8. Apply second layer of colour, making sure to seal the edge. Cure for 2 minutes.

9. Apply thin layer of top coat and over the edge of the tip to seal the manicure. Cure for 2 minutes.

10. Wipe the nails with an alcohol/medi swab, to remove the sticky residue! VOILA! After this step, I always apply a drop of cuticle oil to shine the nails up and to massage the client’s cuticles after the manicure.

To Remove Gel Polish/Shellac

1. Using a nail file, or a coarse buffer, GENTLY take the shine off the top of each nail (this breaks the seal

2. Fill your wearable nail soakers with acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone (you can also place half a cotton ball inside the soaker so you don’t use as much acetone, alternatively you can soak a cotton ball in acetone, place on the nail and wrap tightly with foil.

3. Leave for 5 – 10 minutes, remove soakers/foil and using your cuticle pusher, gently scrape the gel polish off the nail. If you have to use any force, put more acetone on and give it a few more minutes.

4. Any remnants are easy to buff off, then you are ready to start again!


Have fun!